Why does rednecks hate black people so much and what does goths have to do with it?


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March 3, 2011

Founder @ 8:01 pm #

Rednecks hate everyone. They discriminate equally.

skygurlie_78 @ 8:59 pm #

Coming from a town full of rednecks… I must agree that rednecks do hate black people… but not only black people. Rednecks hate EVERYBODY. But remember, there’s a difference in a redneck and a good ‘ole country guy or gal.

Serinity.Killed.It. @ 9:36 pm #

What the fuck is this bullshit
Rednecks dont hate everybody
Im classified as a redneck
because i come from louisiana and I talk like a hick
I fish, I go muddin
Its all a conspiracy fuck
dont think ALL fucking rednecks hate everyone
I have black, spanish, white, indian
I dont discriminate
and you shouldnt either.

tonyluvzneon @ 10:19 pm #

people who define themselves with hatred are a waste of perfectly good oxygen that even bacteria deserves more than they do. rednecks are closet white supremists, and goths are really just harmless scared shallow folks who didn’t get enough breast feeding and attention from their mommies, so they think they are scary but are just clowns with bad make-up !!

misterdeedub @ 10:47 pm #

People that hate blacks are just being used by Satan the Devil. Anyone that is independent from God satan can use. Satan uses his powerful influence to separate mankind on different fronts. For example, sex, age, race, religion, social status, etc, etc. So you can apply this answer to any question about prejudices between sects. Satan is the God of this world.
See Revelation 12:9

ravon @ 10:55 pm #

I could be classified as a redneck because I’m originally from a rural town in WV, but i could care less of someones race. those who truly hate because of someones race, nationality, religion etc, are just truly ignorant individuals. They don’t have to be from a southern town or have an accent, or live in a trailer park or any other stereotype that’s been placed on a large group of white people.

the person just needs to be uneducated and filled with undirected and immature anger that they can direct to a group of people for any given reason.

and i have no clue where goths tie into this

twitsy1969 @ 11:54 pm #

You have no idea what you are talking about. There are
a s s holes of every shape, size, and color. I get so sick of racism being perceived as a one way street. If people would get out more and observe, they would see it and experience it. There will always be people of every color that think they are superior. What about the ones who don’t, what about the ones who are kind to everyone. It is so narrow minded and ignorant to think that it is only white people who are racists. Why are white people afraid to say that?

March 4, 2011

sheamagnolia @ 12:48 am #

Can’t we all just get along?

aredneckwedding @ 1:42 am #

I completely resent that remark. My feelings towards people have nothing to do with color, but with actions. I hate bigots and racists, though.

xsaminkc @ 2:37 am #

Stereotypes. That’s the answer. We classify everyone into categories. When we can stop doing that, then we’ll be making progress.

Goth? I don’t understand how they fit into this question. That’s a style maybe even what some might call a culture. People have been expressing their personalities in their style of dress since we (as humans) began to dress ourselves. For many people it is a lifestyle (i.e. music, share the same views, goals, etc), for many more it’s a style they like and emanate. To me a “redneck” and a “goth” personalities are completely different.

Could you be referring to skinheads? They follow the KKK (Klu Klux Klans) views on anyone not white. They are believe in purity, no “mixing of the races”. If you are referring to someone being a redneck as a someone who is racist then I could see the connection with a “skinhead”. Although I don’t believe every “redneck” is a racist or every racist is a “redneck”.

I hope that helps.

punky8920034 @ 3:10 am #

rednecks are hatefull people thats why i mean they go to vampire freaks make accounts and than make fun of goths and punks i think they hate black people because they cant use them as slaves anymore legaly any way

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