Why do people think everyone from the midwest is a redneck?


I live in the midwest(Michigan) and im not a redneck. I dont like wal-mart, i dont farm, i dont worship Jeff Foxworthy, and i shower daily.

Why do people think the midwest is all rednecks?
SS- how do i not belong here? I was born here and my family has lived here for over 140 years.

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February 24, 2011

Melissa M @ 8:28 pm #

I grew up in Iowa. I will agree that not everyone is a redneck (myself included) but oh.my.God, so many people are.

dukalink6000 @ 9:23 pm #

No; midwest people aren’t rednecks. You’re hicks, country bumpkins and yokels.

Those guys in the south, they are the rednecks

valleyviolet @ 10:22 pm #

I have not heard this stereotype about people from the Midwest. BTW….why don’t you like Walmart???? (giggle…just had to ask)

SS @ 10:29 pm #

Almost every one.
And if you are not, you don’t elong there.

ben @ 11:20 pm #

I wouldn’t say we midwesterners are considered rednecks,those are southerners. I agree, Im from Cincinnati, and along with Chicago, we have some of the best curtural institutions and great neighborhoods of any city.

The Garage Dude @ 11:29 pm #

I’m caucasian, shop at walmart and love America. I’m a redneck.

insurgomens @ 11:52 pm #

I think it is more of a political thing. The midwest is known for Christian religious fanaticism and farming. Nothing wrong with farmers.

February 25, 2011

Tops @ 12:43 am #

I love Walmart…Target…and Khols.

Am I a redneck?

jan2856mjm @ 12:54 am #

you’re in the upper midwest.i really wouldn’t let that upset me.I live in southeast Missouri and hell yeah i’m a redneck woman.I also shower daily

GreenGrasshopper @ 12:58 am #

Ask Midwestbruin

wildwhiskey @ 1:39 am #

Well I do declare, you mean, us poor Southern ladies aren’t being picked on anymore? Bought time them horrible, horrible yankees knew what it feels like..
ooo,, feeling a bit peeked now… oh, Rhett

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