why do people think all of texans are rednecks?


Im hispanic,and i hate that people from other states think that we dont have pavement,houses,cars,electricity,clean water,they all think that we ride horses and that were all farmers..i hate it ,it gets on my nervers..we have cities(Houston to be exact) and everything everyone else has..i just want to know why!!

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January 25, 2011

whoopigrl @ 8:28 pm #

Most rednecks are considered to be White, not Hispanic.

beanie_babymama @ 8:33 pm #

Well don’t base everyone’s perception of Texas on a few handful of people you’ve come across. And these few were obviously unintelligent beings.

pushin up daisys @ 9:19 pm #

Apparently they’re ignorant. Goes to show you, if you don’t read as much as possible you become ignorant to things all around you. Simple as that!

timothy @ 9:30 pm #

most people see the world as a big stereo type. Why? Because it’s easier to think in that way (it doesn’t make it right) but it’s defiantly there. Personally I remember how people use to want to smoke me out when I grew my hair out long (they all thought I was a hippie or something) but now I have gone bald now most people think I am either old or a skinhead. It a fun game we play here in American just thank the lord that your not black ( I can image what those guys go through on a daily basis)

siamese_eyes1983 @ 10:01 pm #

bc that’s how the media portrays Texas people…look at movies and shows like “Walker, Texas Ranger”, “Brokeback Mountain” “The Good Girl” with Jennifer Aniston, etc. But just so you know, rednecks usually refer only to white people, not hispanics.

purple_haze @ 10:43 pm #

I dont really care what anyone thinks about texas [ i live in san antonio] I am hispanic but i know what you mean. They think that its just farms or thats the way they portray texas on telivision.

LB @ 10:49 pm #

Well, I know Texas all too well. I have a question for you: Have you ever lived anywhere other than Texas?
When you leave Texas you realize there are other people who have different views on life and cultures. It is because everything in Texas is slower, people can be rude, especially the women-they act like they know something. Some do, some don’t know everything but the problem with Texas is there are a lot of people “especially” customer service that doesn’t know anything about anything and they just try to push you out of the way for the next person in line. I think people in Texas need to leave for a while and then come back and ask the same question. People in Texas can be very stupid, sorry but it’s true. You might not be stupid but your neighbor might be. I’ll get a lot of hate mail for this but I think it might be true.

However, there are a lot of educated people but there is always that mentality of where you came from. People have distinct traits of who they hang out with and the like.

water lover @ 11:25 pm #

I’m from Texas, and just moved to Minnesota. I think it’s because of Hollywood. Look at how they portray Texans. This is what I’ve come up with for the most part. The rest seem to be just ignorant stereotypes based on clothes. I have noticed since I moved here that more people in Texas wear western style clothes than people here. I think clueless people see western clothes, and automatically think.. .”redneck”. That person in western clothes may have a PhD in engineering and may have spent $500 on that suit!! So I have come to the conclusion that people are just ignorant and need to come out of their boxes. And by the way, I’ve traveled quite a bit, found that people anywhere can be rude, and I believe people such as the young lady above who classify an entire state as stupid, rude, or any other characteristic (especially while using improper grammar)… are incompetent fools.

lemonlimeemt @ 11:41 pm #

I agree, I hate the Texan stereotype. We do NOT all ride horses, we are not all cowboys, we do not all say “howdy”….argh I could go on forever, but I won’t.

I just hate how when I say I’m from Texas so many people (especially here on Y!Answers) say or think that I’m stupid, uneducated or ignorant. I hate how I’m constantly stereotyped. It makes me so angry sometimes.

Furthermore, I live in Houston, I have never ridden a horse, and am about as far away from being a country girl as someone who’s lived in L.A. their whole life.

Edit: and for LB, I have lived in other states besides Texas. Out of all the places I’ve lived or traveled to, Texas has been one of the most welcoming, kindest states. And just like EVERY OTHER STATE, there are people with minimal intelligence in Texas, but NOT everyone; if you think that people in Texas are dumb, then I guess you are just close-minded and ignorant.

January 26, 2011

laughingtxlady @ 12:26 am #

i agree with timothy…

but just imagine you are a michigan transplant and most ppl you meet think you are from detroit??? i moved to s. texas 10 years ago and there were folks (way more than necessary) who thought detroit was all michigan. my response to them was is houston all texas? believe it or not i got a few dumbfounded stares. it is hard for some to imagine the world the way it really is and not what they see on tv.

skywise012000 @ 12:42 am #

Maybe it’s because the only “Texan” most of the world has seen is Dubya. Let’s be honest, he’s not exactly the best advert for Texas that there could have been is he?

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