Why are rednecks proud of their stupidity?


I live in Maryland (last five years) born in Massachusetts. Do the so called hillbilly rednecks down here realize that we’re making fun of them for being so stupid or do they just accept the fact that the rest of america thinks they are idiots? It’s like, “Hi, I’m an ol’ redneck and duh I’m an idiot but thats because that’s the way of life down here. To be an idiot and be proud of it. Got my ol’ rebel flag and my NASCAR blanket in my window. Got my budweiser and my pack of marlboros….lemme take a ride in my ol 1987 Chevy Pickup truck over to the dump to drop off these old tires, and this oven thats been sitting on more porch for the past 8 years.”
In response to “Prenns” answer; I actually live right on the border of the Mason Dixon line and these people act like their in the deep south of Alabama.

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April 7, 2011

CH ;) @ 8:05 pm #

That is soo true!! I guess they are so stupid they don’t even think they are being made fun of.

itikalala @ 8:16 pm #

Because they’re too stupid to understand the meaning of pride or stupidity, obviously.

Prenn @ 8:55 pm #

Maryland is not a redneck state. However, redneck people don’t know any better and that’s why they’re proud of their stupidity. You just happen to live in white trash area. Try to go up North like Sparks, Md, you will meet a different kind of people.

mariebear @ 9:43 pm #

They are not necessarily proud of being rednecks, they are simply not ashamed of who they are. Does it really matter if they like rebel flags or nascar. Does it hurt you in anyway. You have admitted to making fun of them, so you obviously enjoy their behaviors. I just wonder how this directly affects you and if not, maybe you are the person in the wrong for being mean to someone who is not like you–and therefore unacceptable in your small minded world. I happen to work with rednecks every day. I am college educated and there are days when I learn from them. Open your mind, it is amazing what one of those dumb hillbillies might be able to teach you.

AMX Man @ 10:14 pm #

Dont go bad mouthing me. You all hate rednecks until your car breaks down, your toilet clogs, you electric goes out, or you country is attacked.
Rebel Flag-symbol of south, not all rednecks hate blacks
NASCAR-Largest spectator sport on Earth
Budweiser-Prefer Blue Ribbon
Marlboros-I dont Smoke
’87(mines 77) chevy truck-last a lot longer and goes more places than a chicken BMW or Toyota(Toyota SUCKS)
Tires-Where else to get ride of? They take them only if you bring them there
Stove on porch-Marylanders must cook too much. Mine hasnt given out here in southern ohio
It is who we are and dont try to change it! I like to drive trucks and hunt. I like being a redneck. I am not a city living idiot chickens! I live in a place with freedom. Ride quads and race trucks! You cant change them and we arent stupid! Can you fix the hydraulic pump on a Farmall Super C or the universal joint on a 1977 chevy truck or run a new circuit through a old breaker box on a house. I am a registered elecrician and you arent! Ha Ha! Im smarter than you in something.

Anyway, dont badmouth us. You might just need one of us one day. Are there any rednecks in maryland anyway?

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