why are rednecks called rednecks?


why did they decide to call rednecks rednecks?

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July 22, 2010

uva guy @ 9:44 am #

Originally, rednecks were typically residents of rural areas, often farmers, who worked out in the sun. The sun beating down on the back of their necks turned them red. Hence the term ‘rednecks.’

Here’s a Wikipedia link that confirms my answer, but I knew it from growing up in the South and having farmers in my family.


E_Tard @ 9:55 am #

A lot of the people who bear the typical redneck attitude were farmers or people working in their fields. The sunburn on their necks is the redneck that people picked up on.

mehogula2000 @ 10:09 am #

well as far as i can think of how that name came is most of the rednecks i know are farmers or country boys . hence if you work in the fields you get sunburned and the only part hard to cover was the neck .
I hope this makes sense to you , cause I have no idea if that is true or not

KCleanerThaNaCKiiLA @ 10:31 am #

idgaf there racist fuck em

vivlor @ 10:54 am #

Because they are blue collor witch means they are working on farms…ext and in the hot sun they get a red neck.

StunningKingJersey @ 11:05 am #

There family and friends. lol

michelle p @ 11:45 am #

I love rednecks, they’re great, big percentage of the us are rednecks.
What do you think red, white and blue stands for- redneck, whitetrash, blue collar, welcome to America!- ” Jon Reep”

Master Buz Lawson @ 11:45 am #

You’ve already recieved good information concerning the origin of the term, but I don’t believe these have fully answered your question. While the term has a logical etimology, the current usage bears little resemblence, and is a rude stereotype applied to imply (right or wrong) a boorish and ignorant demeanor.

Not2nite- Unwanted @ 12:26 pm #

Idk but I do know that this is the LGBT section not the agriculture section!

rich p @ 12:38 pm #

from their spouse slapping the mosquitoes while necking

Chochi @ 1:28 pm #

Because they work in the field, they back of their necks gets more exposure to the sun and gets burned. They’re usually from KY and TN.

Best Answers @ 1:49 pm #

when they get mad, sad, angry,horny there necks get red

~Chrisi chic!~ @ 1:54 pm #

because when people (like my dad,hehe) go outside to work in the hot southern sun because most southern people are into outside things: things like hunting, fishing, water skiing, baseball, yard work, swimming in the lake, ect. they get sun burned on their necksresulting in a red neck!

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