Why are most Yankees arrogant and treat us southerners as rednecks?


I was born in a hicktown near Danville, Virginia. I went to UVA through a scholarship and moved to Northern Virginia (the place where only 0.5 % of the population are native Virginians). The second that I try to converse with people there, they treat me as if I am some kind of ignorant fool. They here my accent and automatically decide that I am beneath them. The thing I hate the most is when they say “you don’t like sound like any Virginian that ive ever heard. Duhh! Thats because the only Virginians they know are transplants from Jersey or New York. When they call me Tex I just want to knock their blocks off! To be educated liberal northerners they’re as ignorant as I used to be years ago. Why are they so arrogant but yet so ignorant?

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January 29, 2011

Kristi @ 8:38 pm #

uhm. most of them arent.

fireball226 @ 9:01 pm #

thats crazy…i was born in north and i marrIED A SOUTHERNER! Hes a really sweet man…

D3s!dHundA @ 9:55 pm #

Erm…Do you say Y’all come back now yha Hur??? If so, that may be the reason…Not so sure though …Just a joke

anitafewbongs @ 10:43 pm #

cause your mother is your sister and you live in a trailer!

Rebecca @ 11:14 pm #

I’m an educated liberal notherner, and I have no inherent dislike of southerners. Maybe the people you run into in northern Virginia are having a hard time pulling their heads of out of … umm…the Civil War? Don’t paint us all with one brush, as you’re accusing us of doing to you folks.

January 30, 2011

Abortion Man! @ 12:02 am #

Because southern people are racist. All of them. No exeptions.


Riley @ 12:45 am #

News flash, Tex…..you’re still ignorant.

Bob J @ 12:47 am #

They just want your southern speaking Virgins.

Kit @ 1:23 am #

Why are you such a dumb hick? Are you going to go handle a rattlesnake tomorrow at mass? Tex!

Pgh @ 1:31 am #

You an talking to the wrong kind of people.
Most people are superficial and judgmental.
You will find better friends in the north….you are just not looking in the right place.

412 KiD @ 2:23 am #

I think you aswered your own question I’m a northerner that has lived in the south and I really understand what you’re talking about. Many people from the north look down on southerners for the simple fact that many of them are arrogant.

Peter L @ 3:22 am #

I am from California so I do not understand all that north south stuff. Maybe it is your haircut or your clothing that sets them off. Most people are weird anyway so who cares what they think.

cactus pearl @ 3:30 am #

You answered your own question, really. They are so arrogant because they are ignorant. They live in their own small world, and anyone or anything different from them is “so not cool”. They are narrow minded.

getnabargain @ 4:02 am #

.Because they are vile,dispicable yankee devils who had their butts kicked back to Pennsylvania,in the war of northern aggression against America.

Simon @ 4:27 am #

Well, you did say, “us southerners”. But yeah, I know what you mean. Being from Texas all my life. Its just a sterotype. It happens.

t @ 4:30 am #

Because the only southerns us yankees ever see is Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy. They seem to perpetuate the myths that southerners are are just rednecks. I am sorry that they treat you that way. I know it’s hard and you shouldn’t have to do this but…..the only thing you can do is rise above it and prove them wrong.

idbangrobertplant @ 5:11 am #

Im from northern Illinois and I dont judge southerners, unless youre the type that hangs Confederate flags on every square inch of your truck and house. That i cannot STAND. move on people, you lost the war, you dont need a symbol of “southern pride” that puts a certain race down.

brenbon1 @ 5:30 am #

I have found that some Virginians think of themselves as better than others. Maybe it’s their old-school attitudes.

Since when are Virginians considered Northerners?? That’s “old South” to me.

My roots are in Kentucky, but I’m a Northerner. I don’t think I’m an exception, but I don’t treat ANYONE as a “redneck.” Sure, some Northerners are arrogant, but so are some Southerners. Be careful about saying “most” are one way or another. We each deserve respect from each other.

The Beast @ 6:15 am #

ignorance and arrogance are not geographical traits, nor are they relegated to only certain areas of our country. problem is we’re all used to the lifestyle we grew up in, and other lifestyles then seems a bit “odd” at times. i know many northerners who are fine people. same with southerners. and i know pompous wind-bags from both locations as well. when you meet an ignorant or arrogant person, getting all worked up from their lack of decorum serves no purpose other than to substantiate their perspective. best thing you can do to these bone-headed people who view life through a drinking straw is ignore them.

Raptor @ 6:26 am #

Well I’m a Michigander… wait or is it Michiganian… anyways, I think it is because everyone thinks that southerners are farmers. In movies they always show that the southerner is a farmer/redneck, they stopped having Asians as math wiz’s and Afroamericans and their things everyone thinks they do. My friend moved down to Georgia back about 4 and a half years ago he told me that kids at school would call him Yankee and things like that.

Holly O @ 6:54 am #

Northerners associate the South with some of the worst civil rights abuses of our country’s history including slavery, the KKK, the murders of civil rights activists and subsequent acquitals or non-prosecution of their murderers, etc. You, and consequently your accent, represent that sad part of the South’s history. That’s for starters.

Today, the South is associated with the Evangelic movement and their current agenda of anti-gay rights, anti-women in the workforce particularly mothers, anti-choice (also an anti-women position) general xenophobia, left over racism against African-Americans, etc. These positions are as disdainful to the white, intellectual elite (liberals) as they are to conservatives.

This is a liberal talking and this is the truth about what a liberal Northern is thinking when they hear your accent. Is it right?? No but it what we are thinking.

(Danville is a beautiful town full of history and lovely old homes maintained with such care. . .being from Danville is nothing to be ashamed of.)

Viki @ 7:04 am #

Meh… I live in Miami, so I’m not northern, but all my friends make fun of “redneck” accents and stereotypical behaviors. I’m not sure why that is. I happen to like a pleasant Southern drawl, I loved it in the movie “October Sky”

flip4it @ 7:14 am #

It’s just the people who have been talking to. It isn’t a geographical thing anyway. Check your spelling if you want someone to take you seriously. (here=hear?)

Susan M @ 7:25 am #

I grew up in New England and I did not know any Southerners. I went to a boarding school in New Hampshire, and so did a girl from Louisiana. We learned to ski together. Anyway, it was great to have a friend from down South. I do not believe that all arrogant jerks come from the North or from the South.
They’re everywhere and we can’t let them get to us or rule us. They are narcissists and lost in the love of their own image.

Jessica H @ 7:51 am #

Uh, that isn’t true. I’m from New York, and my family and I are really kind to people. The people that you spoke treated you with disrespect, not all Northerners. There are rude people everywhere. Don’t automatically judge a group because a couple of people from that group gave you negative attitude.

Bal2005 @ 8:44 am #

I’m from Martinsville and am living in Richmond going to VCU. I get the same thing from people that live in “NOVA.” I don’t take their mindset as being a Northern one, I just take it as a mindset of Northern Virginia and not of the north as a whole. I think that Northern Virginians should be considered their own state because their mindset is not like much of the rest of the state. If you were smart enough to get into and graduate from UVA, then you are obviously not ignorant. You just have to look over their arrogance and remember that Virginia is a northern state and to live in the south and to have an accent is fine.

April 12, 2011

grafonola @ 10:30 pm #

Native Virginians speak in a number of different dialects. A persn who has long lived in Northern Virgina will recognise the Piedmontese dialect, and that of the Shenandoah Valley , but will likely Confuse Southside patois with that of a Tar- Heel, and so may simply fail to recognise thay ou, too are of the Commonwealth.

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