what’s the difference between hicks, hillbillies and rednecks?


I know this is silly, but there is a difference right?

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March 7, 2010

Giovanni B @ 5:32 am #

big difference. I just happen to be Rockabilly.

wetkittyinspector @ 5:34 am #

The size of the trailer.

Melissa B @ 5:55 am #

I think they’re all the same really

Marty K @ 6:29 am #

Rednecks are generally rowdier and drink a lot, hillbillies are usually more kicked back and reclusive, and hicks aren basically quiet, unfriendly and more prone to chew tobacco and spit it.

jodi6767 @ 6:40 am #

Only the spelling!

sawdust @ 6:41 am #

hicks are just good ole boys from the south
Hillbillys are overall wearing tobbaco spit’n sum biches that listen to country music and never take showers
rednecks are people from the south that have a unique way of having fun, like frogg gigging, snipe hunting, farting contests ya know like Larry the cable guy

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