What is the difference between a Redneck and a Hillbilly?


Aren’t they the same thing?

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December 7, 2010

Reoriented @ 8:22 pm #

I always thought Hillbillies more civilized.

mr dance moves @ 8:23 pm #

redneck is in the north and south

hillbilly is in the south and far away from most of civilization

rednecks look sweaty @ 8:33 pm #

all the same- dont forget white devils.

Neo Emo Draven
Britney and his he/she troll Klan
Anti-fried Chicken
SupDog run for the border

African American Civil Rights @ 9:13 pm #

hillbilly is a characteristic of a redneck. A redneck is a racist hillbilly. A hillbilly isn’t necessarily racist but just a barnyard animal overall wearing, straw chewing, shirtless, barefoot, smelly pig from the deep south who has no manners and eats with his feet on the table. It’s always a white person

woodstock @ 9:52 pm #

redneck is a country person…….a hillbilly, is more separated from society, and usually lives in the boonies in the middle of no where

UGGs @ 10:30 pm #

White censors calls them “blue collar workers” now.

BABS @ 11:26 pm #

Pretty much the same to me.

December 8, 2010

da shadow @ 12:03 am #

It’s regional. Hillbillies are mountain folk. Rednecks are flatlanders…….>_<

Robert @ 12:04 am #

A redneck is somebody who gets drunk, invites all their friends over, and breaks things. And a hillbilly is somebody who lives in the back woods of tenesse that has kids with their own family.

miserygoats @ 12:30 am #

Rednecks- stooping in the fields or driving trucks all day.
Hillbillies- living in the backwoods, hills and hollows.

Rednecks are more inclined to be macho, tough, proud.
Hillbillies mainly want to be left on their own.

For what it’s worth…

Jake @ 12:51 am #

We’re front porch sit’n, guitar pick’n, whiskey sip’n, chew spitt’n, country folks, we love fried chicken, bass fish’n, deer hunt’n and outlaw women. fast cars, fast women, johnny walker, johnny cash and john Deere. and for all u city people that do nothing ur whole life but complain and try to impress everybody else you can kiss my country boy ass.

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