What Are Some Country/redneck/cowboy Words/phrases/slang?


Name some country foods too if you can think of some.

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February 26, 2010

mochalat @ 10:45 am #

Ok- I’m from Texas so this one is easy.. First of all we got the word Reckon.. like I reckon I’ll go to tha pigglywiggly and get me some dip (snuff).. Ok then there is mynear- like I mynear got hit by that pick up.. that means almost.. Next we have fixin to.. Y’all fixin to watch them Cowboys beat the Skins? Heck is a good one.. Foods: just about anything fried- that includes turtle, rattler, possum and squirrel.. Well I reckon that’s enuff cus its mynear time for me to git to tha house cus me and my friends are fixin to go out! Ya’ll be good now- ya hear!

asfasf @ 3:59 pm #

fried catfish

Malorie E @ 8:33 pm #

Ummmmm…………..a couple slangs are:yeehaw,git-r-done,drn it,well howdy Dee,its like walkn’ through a pasture after the cow’s morn-in’ sit down,sweet niblits,ect.

February 27, 2010

elainecy @ 2:54 am #

poke salad, fried chicken

diva @ 6:43 am #

GET her Done…… lol

Joe"Coun @ 12:08 pm #


jay b @ 4:25 pm #

Nice looking sheep you got
there, partner!

wheneva_ @ 5:17 pm #

Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy
i cant really think right now or i could tell you more

caiforni @ 8:20 pm #

Yup I’s no’s me some country
Fried Ocra
beens and corn bread
Potatoe Soup
Pork Chops in Apple Gravy
Buttermilk meatballs
Peach Cobbler
Cranberry Casserole
Pecan Butter Squares
Some slang that my Grandmother also used was
“I have to Warsh the dishes”
“She’s fit as a fiddle
” She’s fixin’ to wallop us good”
Haha I haven’t thought about that in years

Tamara D @ 9:34 pm #

Fixin’, y’all, Fried Chicken, grits, brussel sprouts, sweet potato pie,

February 28, 2010

mageappr @ 3:13 am #

Those britches are so tight, if he farted he’d blow his boots off.
Madder than a wet setting hen. (setting on a nest)
He couldn’t pour p1ss out of a boot with instructions on the heel.
He was useful as a three legged hound in hunting season.
He was about as sharp as a bowling ball.
Coyote ugly. (Fact- when a coyote gets caught in a trap, they will chew off their leg to escape. When you date a girl that is so ugly that when you wake up in the morning and she is sleeping on your arm, you’d sooner chew off your arm to escape than wake her).
Some country foods:
Chicken fried steak
Red eye gravy
Johnny cake
Hope this helps :)

michaely @ 10:08 am #

“That ain’t right”
chicken fried steak

dukalink @ 4:00 pm #

My girl left me for my friend.
I can’t wait to get back home
Open up another beer for me and me

kja63 @ 6:52 pm #

Save a horse, ride a cowboy!
Howdy Pardner

lucy02 @ 8:27 pm #

Y’all come back now , ya hear?
fried chicken
fried okra
fried green tomatoes
polk salad
black eye peas
country fried steak

March 1, 2010

Kristin N @ 12:01 am #

“Yuns”, “Howdy”, “Grandbabies”, “Ya’ll”, “Reckon”
Country foods….: grits, fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, mashed “taters”, boiled peanuts

appalach @ 4:53 am #

Being from West Virginia, I could list many.
One thing that drives me crazy is when I hear someone say, “I’d like to have never…..”
They say this even when they mean just the opposite.
(e.g. A redneck has been stuck in traffic. Upon arriving at home, he says to his wife, “I’d like to have never gotten home.”)

sergeant @ 5:13 am #

yall= you all
ya= you
younder= short distance
yander= longer distance
piller= pillow
howdy= hello
reckon= guess

March 21, 2011

kaye @ 9:22 pm #

winder (window)
younguns (young ones or children)
hope (help)
vittles (food)
mash (press or push)
farting around (to waste time)
lick (beat)

April 19, 2011

Uranchus @ 1:34 pm #

Fixin… ” I’m fixin ta get a beer”

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