Rednecks and racism? ?


Yes, it is a stereotype, but one that has proven to be true. I live in the south, where naturally, there are a lot of rednecks/country ppl. And from experience and asking them myself [yes, i actually do that], I can conclude to you that a lot of rednecks/country people are straight out racist. I don’t know if it’s JUST against blacks, but i know they are racist against blacks.
Anyone know why that is exactly? I know anyone can be racist, but I’m saying, most of the rednecks I encounter are just straight-out racist.

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March 7, 2011

training day @ 8:12 pm #

when you live in a trailer you are angry at the world

Jen @ 9:06 pm #

They just influence each other and they probably haven’t socialized with non-Whites to base their opinions on personal experience.

Craig T @ 9:16 pm #

If they’re racist against blacks, you can be damn sure they’re racist against other non-whites.

Lauren G @ 10:13 pm #

yes that is commonly found. remember the south was the basis of slavery in the 1800s. so typically you will find racist people, especially when you get into the back woods, which is generally where rednecks live. Don’t get me wrong, there are definatly racists up north too, also generally in the country, but it is mostly based in the south..

??????? @ 11:10 pm #

“Anyone know why that is exactly?”
Probably natural instinct. Also, fact that this demographic group you indicate, being the American “redneck”, this type of person is generally more socially isolated and thus, not so brainwashed with propaganda, “education” and re-education so it would seem only natural that they are more inclined to follow their natural instincts rather than modern pseudo-intellectual dogma.

Ms. G.O.A.T. @ 11:23 pm #

because after they lost the war back in the 1860′s and lost again in the 1960′s with the civil rights, and can’t get over it

March 8, 2011

Kyria L @ 12:13 am #

My theory is that it stems back to slavery. When black slavery was around in the south the whites obviously saw themselves as better than blacks. Even though there has been no slavery for some time many whites in the south (though obviously not limited to the south) still view blacks as ‘lower’ then them. These ideas are passed down through generations. Parents teach their children to hate a certain race, and those children will teach their own etc.

Also though racism can be limited to just one race (ie blacks) it generally isn’t. Racists who see themselves as better than one race often see themselves as better than many others.

Lizzy @ 12:23 am #

simply because they have not been through the modern education system that serves as a melting pot for people of all races and thus they lack understanding and respect for people other than their kind. they’re isolated from society and don’t socialise and interact with the greater society. that’s why, according to human nature, the group of them become “racist”. they are prone to detest other types of people who are different than themselves. nevermind them.

junior @ 12:27 am #

Honestly I think it’s just the environment.
I’ve grown up in the south and have watched these kids who, at 8 or 9, were playing on the playground with black kids turn into ignorant racist rednecks in their teen years.
In the south (at least in my town) redneck is like the popular thing to be. So people start acting redneck, dressing redneck, adopting all those redneck ways, hence adopting the racist ideas.
It’s the type of people. Those rednecks had redneck parents who had redneck grandparents and they were all racists and the racism was passed down generation to generation until one person is brave enough to break the cycle.

Leetamus @ 12:49 am #

no bro, your rednecks are racists.. where im from rednecks are thoughtful people who happen to enjoy drinking insane amounts of beer, fishing and brawling with each other.

The funny truth is that your question is racist. You have assumed all rednecks are white.

Sax A @ 1:47 am #

Maybe it’s because they watch the NEWS.


…I hope no angry black people read this!


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