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My husband’s favorite name is Dale. His father’s name is Delmar (Del for short), and Dale is similar to Del, so that is another reason that he likes it. I like Dale also, but I have some hesitation about the name because it’s not very popular and some people think it sounds like a redneck name. What do you think — is Dale a bad name? Not just unpopular, but really horrible? I’d hate to name my kid something really terrible. Thanks!

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What do you think of these names and what kind of people do you assosicate them with (inteligent, country, redneck, etc.)

Spencer Lee (nickname: Spen)
Jasper James (nickname: JJ)
Jenson Andrew (nickname: Sonny)
my name is jenna ann, so jenson andrew is kinda a form of that. as for the nicknames, i realized that i should just stay with their real names, although i still do like jj for jasper james

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My husband and i are rednecks, country home grown, whatever you wanna call it.
we already have a 2 year old baby boy Leland Blaine! and we are expecting triplets! 1 girl 2 boys.
we already have a few names:
Dudley Charles
Wyatt Parker
Levi James
Bentley Mika
Duke Hunter
Brody Jett
Glenn Royce
Marshall James
Russell Travis

Joanna Loraine
Leanne Brooke
Izabeau Rae
Annabel Cecily/Cecily Annabel
Abigale Savanna
Daniella Suzanne
Betsy Michelle
Nola Daisy

*can you give me your opinion and suggestions! thanks you!

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Cant use names with ‘s’ in them. They sound tacky with my last name. My last name is a bit redneck/hillbilly sounding (not my fault) so country girl names are a big no-no (Amy Sue, Ella Marie ect).
To give you an idea of my taste, these are some of my faves

Eden McKenzie
Micah Amelie
Keilyn Amelie
Kinley Jaden
Naiyah Renee ( Renee is my 1st name)

names I cant use because of family members already possesing the names are
WOW! peking… complain much? May I remind you that this is MY child. I gave suggestions to give an idea of my taste. So you could suggest names in that category. So if my tast is trendy, well thats what it is & you can name your kid Susan, Elizabeth,Sarah, Margaret or something sensible like that.I prefer the path less traveled
AND if you would refrain from insulting my families name choices that would be nice.

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Just the other day my boyfriend, me, and some of our friends were sitting in the woods talking about the torture that some parents put their children through with names.

Like my friend Xes. She now goes by her middle name, which is Lucie.

The conversation started when Hailey said that her cousin Austin e-mailed her saying her just met someone named Hiy-Nia Lu. she was Asian. Anyway, her name is pronounced HI-NEE-UH. Like HI-NEE with another syllable. And Lu as in LOO and isn’t that like a British term for bathroom?

Then we all brought up weird names. I talked about my friend Xes’s name, pronounced Zez.

My boyfriend said something about how his cousin almost named her daughter Jezebel Satin. Satin pronounced Sai-ten. Like a messed up pronunciation of satan. Like cross beetween redneck and British pronounciation of the name. (No offense. just say it out loud. You’ll know what I meean.)
And Jezebel was an idol worshipping queen in the Bible.

Paige brought up the fact that some girl’s last name is Hooker. Her first name is Ima. Like her name would be I’m a hooker. It’s a pretty first name though.

Cody said that when he was visiting his aunt in Wyoming, he meet twins names: Jelliann and Ididya. Jelly-anne and I-deed-ya. similar to I-did-ya. disgusting right? Poor children. Melvin remembered his friend Joey Cox had an adopted Chinese cousin name Maia Cox. My-Uh-Cox.

Then at my cousin’s school, there are twin brother named Peter and Andrew Ness. They are avid track runners. Sports annoucments:

“P. Ness is ahead of A.Ness. Now A.Ness is right beside P.Ness!

Most teachers can’t figure out why it’s so hilarious.

Willie Stroker. Will he stroke her?

What are some bizzare names such as these that you’ve heard or that you know?
My little cousin’s babysitter, whom I’ve met once, has a teacher named Robert Whacker. Mr. robert Whacker.

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if you had two boys what would you think of the names
gunnar and trigger
not in a redneck way just looking for opinions

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My best friend died this week and we’d had so many plans for our lives. One of them was having kids together. She was 100% a Redneck girl.

My 2 fave girl names are

Delaney Joy (DJ) after my mom
and Karli Jo

I want to incorporate her middle name Adrienne (pronounced Adri-Ann). My mom suggested Adrienne Joy and call her AJ

Do you have any ideas?
is Karli-Jo Adrienne too hick??

what other names go well with Adrienne as the first or middle name?
I like the suggestions. my middle name is Ann so i’m not gonna use that…thus why i like Joy or Adrienne. Thanks

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• your department has ever had two emergency vehicles pulled over for drag racing on the way to the scene.
• you have naked lady mud flaps on your pumper.
• your firehouse has wheels.
• you’ve ever gotten back and found out you locked yourselves out of the firehouse.
• Fire training consists of everyone standing around a fire gettin’ drunk.
• you’ve ever let a person’s house burn down because they wouldn’t let you hunt on their ground.
• at least one vehicle in the firehouse still has decorations on it from the Halloween Parade and it’s January.
• your personnel vehicle has more lights on it than your house has lights in it.
• you don’t own a Dalmation, but you do have a coon dog named Sparky.
• you’ve ever walked through a christmas display and came up with more than 3 new ideas for a light scheme for your truck.
• your rescue truck can smoke the tires.
• your department’s name is misspelled on the equipment.
• your engine had to be towed in the last Christmas Parade.
• dispatch can’t mention your name without laughing.
• the local news crew won’t put your department on TV because you embarassed them last time.
• your defib consists of a pair of jumper cables, a marine battery, and a fish finder.
• you’ve ever taken a girl on a date in a pumper.
• your pumper has been on fire more times than it has been to a fire.
• your pumper smokes more than the house fire.
• the only time the trucks leave the station is on bingo night.
The Pentagon announced today the formation of a new 500-man elite fighting unit called the “United States Redneck Special Forces”.
These Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas boys will be dropped off into Iraq and have been given only the following facts about terrorists:
1. The season opened today.
2. There is no limit.
3. They taste just like chicken.
4. They don’t like beer, pickups, country music, or Jesus.
5. They are DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE for the death of Dale Earnhardt.
We expect the problem in Iraq to be over by Friday.
• None of your shirts cover your stomach.
• You consider a six-pack and a bug-zapper high-quality entertainment.
• You judge drive time solely by the number of beers you need to take.
• You think loading the dishwasher means getting your wife drunk.
• You believe dual air bags refer to your wife and mother-in-law.
• Your wife’s hairdo was once ruined by a ceiling fan.
• You lit a match in the bathroom and your house exploded right off it’s wheels.
• You go to your family reunion looking for a date.
• You own a homemade fur coat.
• The bluebook value of your truck goes up and down, depending on how much gas it has in it.
• You think the stock market has a fence around it.
• You carried a fishing pole into Sea World.
• You have the local taxidermist’s number on speed dial.
• You take a load to the dump and bring back more than you took.
• You’ve been married three times and still have the same in-laws.
• You wonder how service stations keep their rest rooms so clean.
• Your toilet paper has page numbers on it.
• Your Junior/Senior Prom had a Daycare.
• You think genitalia is an Italian airline.
• You can change the oil in your truck without ducking your head.
• You think taking a bubble bath starts with eating beans for dinner.
• Your stereo speakers used to belong to the Moonlight Drive-in Theater.
• You have to go outside to get something out of the fridge.
• The Salvation Army declines your mattress.
• Your father executes the “pull my finger” trick during Christmas dinner.
• The Halloween pumpkin on your front porch has more teeth than your wife.

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The office worker asked her, “How many children do you have?”
“Ten,” she replied.
“And what are their names?” he asked.
“Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob, and Bob.”
“They’re ALL named Bob?” he asked. “What if you want them to come in from playing outside?”
“Oh, that’s easy,” she explained, “I just call ‘Bob,’ and they all come running inside.”
“And if you want them to come to the table for dinner?”
“I just say, ‘Bob, come eat your dinner,’ and they do.” She answered.
“But what if you want just ONE of them to do something?” he asked.
“Oh, that’s easy,” she said. “I just use their last name.”

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OH YEAH and calls people names as well ….

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