Redneck Baby Names

Baaad Redneck Baby Names!


…considered hate speech?

And how awesome of a question is it to be the one that suspended my last account: (paraphrase) “If I let my8 year old daughter watch My Big Redneck Baby…can I skip having “the talk” again”

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Ever? Either gender.

Mine are all girl’s names:
5. Paisley. Seriously? It’s the name of a pattern!
4. Addison. First of all, it’s originally a boy’s name, and second, it’s the name of a disease.
3. Rae. It screams redneck to me.
2. Kaelynn or Kaylee or Kayla. They all sound trashy!
1. Isabella. It has gotten way out of hand! If I hear someone name their kid or their pet Isabella one more time, I’m going to shoot myself.

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I’ve never been a fan of anything *too* redneck (LOL) but we have been considering some double first names if this next baby is a girl (not really a fan of any for boys..).

What’s your opinion of double first names?
Oh definitely nothing like Bobbie Jo lol! We actually had two options in mind, Lauren Grace and Hannah Ruth.

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Okay some people think the names I like are redneck! Do you think they are?

~Bentley Ryder
~Booker Knox
~Brantley Matthew

~Paisley Nicole
~Haiyln Laurel
Brantley is also a boys name

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Bentley (I know its a car but I dont care)
Brantley (Its also a boy name, It means Sword)
Jamison (I like this spelling better)
Jaxon (Jackson, but with a different spelling. I like this spelling better)

Hailyn (Combinatin of Hailey and Lynn)

Which name is the most redneck or country name and what one is the least?

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Ok well me and my Bf have both decided on the first name being Gauge. I did have it as Michael for the middle name but that is the name of his friends gay brother. so that is outta the question. I would like it to be redneckish for me and him both are pretty redneck. Just gimme some of what you think would go with Gauge. Thanks (:
Ok for the information of a couple. 1) if i wanted criticized on why or why not I wanted the name to be Michael, I would have asked. and 2) we do plan to get married. Him nor I want kids for a while. He is 20 and im 18. I have to graduate highschool and start college in the fall. no where near ready to start a family. No worries. When it comes to kids they always get the best, not the parents.. But thanks for the advice.. had it taken care of. (:

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I know that it is long but PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, read and complete the requirements of this survey. It is very important to me. Thank you so much for helping me.

Baby name survey. Please give each of the fallowing names a minimum of two and a maximum of three description words I have provided. Note that this survey is not about whether or not you like or dislike a name or whether it is uncommon or overused. The survey is about what impression you instantly think of when you think of someone with each name. Also please do not pick contradictory descriptions, in example the name “Nick” cannot be described as both attractive and ugly or smart and unintelligent. Anyone’s answers that use contradictions will not used in the survey. There will be 15 boy names and 15 girl names, in order to be counted in the survey you must answer all 30 fallowing the guidelines. Thanks for your effort and support it will be greatly appreciated and I do plan on sharing the results when it is completed.

The only description words you are allowed to use strictly for the survey’s calculation:
Smart, Unintelligent, Sexy, Sweet, Innocent, Evil, Rude, Polite, Attractive, Plain, Ugly, Wish, Flighty, Cruel, Kind, Youthful, Old, Athletic, Unfit, Skinny, Fat, Built, Curvy, Nerdy, Popular, Sophisticated, Classy, Uneducated, Tasteless, Redneck, Upper-class, Middle-class, Lower-class, Religious, Non-Religious, Independent, Codependent, Safe, Dangerous, Weird, Normal.

Girl’s Names:

Boy’s Names:
so sorry for the misspelling wish is of course meant to be wise

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I love it and want to use Susanna Violet for my girl. :) My friend says it sounds trashy, though. What do you think?

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I’m 17 years old. I’ll be 18 in 3 months. However, I’m 7 months pregnant with twins from my boyfriend of 4 years. Please don’t say we’re stupid or whatever, we used a condom but it obviously didn’t work. He has given me a promise ring and has stepped up to the plate tremendously. Now here’s the thing, we come from a small redneck town. Almost everyone is a redneck. I’m white and my family is rednecks but my boyfriend is black. My family has been very accepting of his race but they are adamant about the naming style. They don’t want me to have ‘black/ghetto’ names. Neither do I. l don’t want a Jamel or Kanisha or something like that. My boyfriend is a junior after his dad, Frank. But l don’t want to name my son after him in case we do break up. Frank has two half brothers that are mixed that are named Austin and Aiden. Those names don’t make you think of a ghetto family which is what i want. I don’t want you to hear my children’s names and think, ‘what in the world?’. Now we are having a boy and a girl… What could be good names that are still country-ish but alright for mixed kids? I love the names Levi Wyatt, Tyler James, Elliot Wayne for boys and Daisey Lynn, Ketti Grace, and Ava Monae for girls. I don’t want the names too ‘black’ but I don’t want them too ‘white’ either. Any help?

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So I was watching one of my favorite tv shows called “King of the Hill”. One of the characters named LeAnn (played by Brittany Murphy RIP), was married to a redneck named Lucky.
When she was drugged up from the pain meds and she gave birth, she wanted to name her baby Lasagna. I was roflmao.
Do pain meds make a woman name her baby quirky names?

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