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First off, all rednecks are not stupid, my husband-to-be is going to college to become a rad technician and I am a pharmacy technician. My fiance and I also have a very fun personality and are looking for fun ideas. Okay, here is the load down, I grew up on a farm with my family. I am a tomboy and this marriage stuff is starting to get on my nerves. Everyone is different and has different ideas, so even though some people think that must redneck weddings are gross and stupid, I do not. Every wedding is beautiful to me, wether you were raised in the city or in the country or even in between, everyone has their own unique style. Also, please do not post any rude comments if you think redneck or country weddings are stupid and not beautiful.
Hello, my name is Terra and my fiance’s name is Ryan. We are getting married on May 15th 2009 at 7:30 P.M. Our wedding will be taking place outside. My ideas for the ceremony are:
Theme: John Deere/Country
Colors: Green, yellow and white
Flowers: Sunflowers and cat tails (a type of plant)
I will be drove in by my daddy on his John Deere tractor and will be helped off the tractor by him also. (Wouldn’t it be funny if I fell!)
The maid of honor and brides maids will be wearing green dresses with white sashes. The best man and groomsmen will be wearing green button up shirts and blue jeans. The groom will wear a white button up shirt with blue jeans. I will be wearing a white wedding gown.
Guest will sit on square bails and the end piece will be a bouquet of sunflowers, cat tails and a small string of rope to tie them together.
The arch will be wooden with sunflowers and ribbon hanging from it.
My bouquet and the brides maids bouquets will also be sunflowers.
After we kiss, we will drive off in the tractor that I arrived on.
After the ceremony (reception) :
The reception will be held at my fiance’s church.
The tables will have a white table cloth with a smaller green table cloth on top. The center piece will be sunflowers and cat tails. Also, the napkins will be yellow.
We will be eating BBQ, greens and cornbread (a lot of southern food).
!?! Ok here is where I need help !?!
My wedding song when I walk down the aisle?
Our exit song when the ceremony is over?
First dance song (something short because neither I or my fiance can dance!)
Wedding cake ideas for the groom and bride?
Fun photography poses?
Entertainment: music, games and such for the reception?

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February 26, 2010

Jessica - B2B July 4th @ 12:29 am #

Sounds fun. You have to incorporate the song “She thinks my tractor’s sexy in there somewhere”. How about for the exit song when the ceremony is over. A cute first dance song would be “Yes” (Brad Paisley and Chad Brock both do a version of it). It isn’t that short but have the guests join in right as you guys start dancing. Cakes can be in so many different shapes and stuff. I think it would be cute to get a cake shaped like a tractor with a bride and groom in it. Talk to a baker about doing something like that and they’ll make it happen. Again, a funny photo op would be you two driving into the sunset on a tractor. For a fun activity, have a hay ride, this would also be great for photos. Maybe do something fun like square dancing lessons to country music and hire a country band to play at the wedding. Something really cheesy would to have an auction for funny things like the centerpeices or dances with the bride and groom.

Baldado @ 1:19 am #

wha sounds interesting

Felicia M @ 3:03 am #

i think that ii is cute and you should do it.

LOST @ 7:37 am #

redneck weddings are the best!!! we got married at the pondarosa ranch in a church from the 1800′s and i loved it!!! on top of our cake was a bride and groom with cowboy hats on!!! looks like you got alot of good answers. i even had little hay bales on my tables it looks real cute. congratulations and good luck!!

basketca @ 8:36 am #

Actually, I like it. A wedding should be a reflection of the bride and groom, and yours sounds like it’s very much you.
As far as music goes, there are several good country songs that will work as processional and recessional music. Even suggestions for dance songs. Here’s a good link that has several ideas, but keep looking if you don’t find something that jumps out at you.
Another good site for ideas (not that you need them!) is Scroll through the blog and I’m sure there’s a country wedding in there somewhere.
A cute photo idea I saw, if your John Deere has a bucket–take a pic of the 2 of you in the bucket. If you can find a tree with a swing, take a pic of him pushing you in the swing.
I wouldn’t consider this redneck at all. I would consider it very country. And, being a southern girl–any time I get served BBQ, greens, cornbread and other southern food, I’m a happy camper!
Congrats and good luck!

Kay to the Tee @ 8:52 am #

As for walking down the aisle, any song that is done in a fiddle instead of say a piano or a harp, I am using “The Lord of the Dance” as my exit song, I don’t know if you would like that or not but the same could be applied by using a fiddle…
I don’t know a good song that you and your fiance could dance to though (sorry)
as for wedding cakes you could always have a John Deere as your cake (there isn’t some rule the Brides cake has to be layered or anything) and the Grooms could always be a armadillo (Like from “Steel Magnolias” )
I think it would be great to have a bunch of wedding picks on the Tracker and maybe with the bales of hay. * if you can pick your fiance up maybe one of you holding him instead of him holding you*
One of the things were having at my wedding is placing things under the chairs( like index cards) and they get a prize if they are sitting in that chair. Or have a quiz set up at the tables of how well they know you and your fiance.
just as a side note though, when you tie your bouquet together using twine or the Hay wire (cant recall the exact name sorry) could add a nice country touch.
Hope I have helped! and Good Luck sounds awesome!

eva_lati @ 10:55 am #

You definitely have time to learn how to dance.
Choose your song, take it to a dance teacher who will advise you what kind of dance goes with it. The teacher should either teach a set routine that you will learn and remember for the day OR teach you some basic steps and how to lead and follow.
If you start having private lessons once a week, a month before the big day it should work.
(The earlier you start to learn, the easier it will be on the day.)

Clare S @ 12:59 pm #

First Dance song – there is no reason this needs to be a smooch. Our first dance was the Gay Gordons which everyone joined in after.
Wedding cake – grooms cake, get a tractor cake pan and have a tractor cake. Wedding cake – plain white and smooth and dressed with the flowers (real or iced) to match your wedding flowers.
Entertainment – we had a Ceilidh band which worked really well. Maybe you could have a barn dance
Sounds as though it will be a lovely do

. . @ 2:07 pm #

OK, this is not my type of a wedding…but at least it’s somewhat original and creative…..
One suggestion though about groomsmen outfit… jeans and green button up is not going to look good, in my opinion. Blue and green don’t look together that good. I suggest black or at least dark blue jeans.

tammy f @ 8:18 pm #

WOW! I like your ideas, very creative. As far as a wedding song since it is a redneck vibe do the wedding march but see if you can find someone to play it on banjo. Not sure if that is possible but I bet it is. And it is unique. You could always do, “she thinks my tractors sexy,” in there somewhere. Just look online for unique cake ideas, or go thru some farming equipment mags, will give you and idea for both cakes. You can have his done like a John Deere. Definitely do photos on the hay bale. See if you can do any in a field with wildflower, including your cat tails. As far as games you can research some games online. Make sure you do a square dance.
Not sure if any of this helps, but good luck to you and yours.

February 27, 2010

* ?lici? ? @ 2:56 am #

Haha thats sick!
I love John Deere.
Just one thing before I help with the other questions, will they hay bails be covered with some sort of fabric? I know that I personally am allergic to hay and I get red eyes, a stuffy nose and really bad hives and rashes and itchy welts when i touch or go near hay…
The song when you walk down the aisle could be… actually thats a toughie because I don’t know what pace you want the song, or for it to be funny or serious or romantic. But you usually can’t go wrong with The Dance by Garth Brooks
Exit song could be something Feeling Like That by Gary Allan
First dance HAS to be In Your Love by Rhett Akins.
Your wedding cake could be something like sponge cake or angel food cake with strawberries and coolwhip, or something like an actual bundt wedding cake painted green with yellow trim.
Photographes on the tractor are gunna be adorable. Break out the cowboy boots under your wedding dress for pictures. They’ll be worth it. If you could get horses you could do a lot of fun things with that, but they would be costly and if you’re at a church theres nowhere to keep them. If theres picnic tables you could have your bridal party and you all playing cards with a bottle of moonshine on the table and you guys could have straw in your mouth. Do classic things, they’ll turn out sick in the end!
For entertainment, have silly things like horseshoes and maybe if you could get a band they could be set up. Let everyone mingle and have fun being hick! =)

MEL @ 4:34 am #

When you walk down the aisle play how bout them cowgirls by george straight
Have a white wedding cake with green & yellow frosting flowers & ribbons. Then do 2ppl sitting on bail of hay as a wedding topper.
Make the grooms cake a John Deere tractor or 10 point buck with a target on it or somethin.
For a pic hang a just married banner on the back of the tractor w/ cans dragging behind it – super cute!
& when you walk into the reception area have them play She thinks my tractors sexy!
Wear cowboy boots under your dress (at least for a few cute pics if nothin else)

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