How Do Guys And Girls Dress Like Rednecks?


This is for our school spirit week, so if u could help me out, that would be much appreicated.

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February 27, 2010

Leafy @ 3:54 pm #

New Redneck:
Fishing or hunting T-Shirt, beige shorts, overgrown, curly hair for guys, anything for girls, and a pair of good treaded sandals. If it’s cold out, Levis or camo pants and a camoflage flannel shirt. Glasses with a blue mirror lens. Ask people if they want to go mudriding.
This works for boys and girls.
Old Redneck:
Guys-Plaid, and lots of it. You can’t overdo on the flannel. Add on a bib overall and a straw hat and you’ve got yourself a gen-you-ine redneck.
Gals-Same thing, only think more feminine. Pigtails and freckles are a dead giveaway.
For the old ideas, watch Beverly Hillbillies.

Fauna @ 5:46 pm #

Where do you go to school? This sounds too much like cultural prejudice to me and I can’t think of a school that would do thisl

InfraRed @ 7:39 pm #

If you are a guy you can just dress like Larry the Cable Guy. I’m not sure about a woman though.

Casey W @ 8:57 pm #

bye wearing redneck pride t-shirts…i see them all the time…
or bye wearing the rebal flag…stuff like that….

February 28, 2010

Mu @ 3:27 am #

Are you serious?
Overalls, plaid shirts, NASCAR anything, college sports!!! (go UGA!) merchandise, boots (not stylin boots, farm boots), old faded jeans, et cetera. If you want to go all stereotypical, that is.

. @ 10:03 am #

jeans t shirt flannel shirt for winter.
summer cut the sleeves out of a flannel shirt.
being a redneck does not really have a dress code, it’s a way of life.
I can fix anything with duc tape, but I’m a redneck.

freeflow @ 2:48 pm #

they either are or not, i know a few they wear t shirts and jeans

DP @ 6:27 pm #

burn the back of your neck..

March 1, 2010

anonamou @ 1:05 am #

cowboy hat…boots….minskirt for girls…teared pants for boys… one collored shirt… pretty simple

Roberta S @ 4:46 am #

I’m sure flannel shirts for both girls and boys, and no doubt jeans. Perhaps a straw hat and a red bandana around your neck?
You know, I’m a “redneck”, i.e. of fair complexion and Irish extraction, and I resent the term. I am certainly not an uneducated hick, which of course is the implication.
Not your fault, however! Have fun.

Fer @ 8:08 am #

Wranglers (or extremely tight jeans), overalls, wife- beaters, cut off shirts, boots (duh) , must have a hat of some sort. & if u could get some of the messed up teeth you put in your mouth………..

Neandrat @ 12:32 pm #

You must bust out a couple of teeth by opening beer bottles with them. Then don’t wash your hair for at least 30 days. Body odor would help. Old oil stained jeans ( the cheap brand ) and a shirt with the sleeves cut of. A greasy seed corn cap or one from the local farm co-op. Either dirty work boots or cowboy boots whatever looks tackier.

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