Do people up north honestly think of southerners as stupid rednecks?


I’m from Louisiana and I’m not stupid, I fish and hunt but that doesn’t make me retarded. plus I have friend up north and pick on me about it sometimes

Just wondering
I’m also in advanced science and math
Trust me the only racist person I know is my granpa and only in private
But I do love lynyrd skynyrd

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September 22, 2010

Ricky N @ 8:04 pm #

Some people in the south are rednecks. Not all of them, but certainly more than the west, midwest or northeast.

Jack Hoff @ 8:43 pm #

Hey, Louisiana is better than Alabama.

Sgt Ken @ 9:30 pm #


E_Tard @ 9:39 pm #

No, most people do not group all southerners into a group of “idiots”.

Jess C @ 10:20 pm #

Coming from Mass, no I do not believe that. Stupid people are everywhere, not just in the South.

desirexnoel @ 11:09 pm #

I am in Canada and I am married to an American, so no… I don’t think you are much different then us, although the “Bible Belt” kinda freaks me out a little… :S I mean that with no disrespect…

Darn @ 11:48 pm #

I, personally, do not believe so.

But, I could ask the same thing about you guys. Do you guys down south think of us as lazy, uptight Yankees?

September 23, 2010

vance1167 @ 12:02 am #


Spyder @ 1:01 am #

stupid rednecks are everywhere, but unfortunately the southern ones seem more visible…sorry

Kristen @ 1:42 am #

I share the same trouble as you do! I’m from Texas and everyone assumes that we’re dumb and live on farms even though i live in a fairly large city. I went to a camp up in New York once and half the people treated me like i was retarded! They talked slow even though im in all AP classes. Some people can be rude and have dumb assumptions but other people are really down to earth and understand that we aren’t dumb because of the place we come from. Best of luck! And just don’t let it get to you!

Kitchen_Princess @ 1:46 am #

I refuse to make myself look all open-minded and fair like these other people: YES

And I’m from Oregon and this state is FULL of rednecks and hicks, but for some reason we still think we are smarter.

Sorry :(

Imnotplayin @ 2:22 am #

Don’t feel bad. I am from Philly and my Midwestern relatives always make fun of my “accent” and probably think I’m kind of dumb, but I’m not.

AE Boy @ 2:41 am #

Well usually I think of someone who wears the confederate flag, has a southern accent and racist towards blacks. Srry I don’t mean to offend. I’m sure not all are like that because I’m visting my family in north carolina and there r some nice ppl here.

EtherFlavored @ 3:29 am #

Generally, yes. Those of us who’ve done time in the south know better. We know you’re all a bunch of charming, manipulative snakes who are every bit as intelligent as those up north and usually a little sexier. Don’t think this is a bad thing that you’re seen as “dumb”. In America, pretension (public intelligence) holds you back. A warm, calm southern accent does wonders to deflate an aura of pretension while allowing people to appreciate the intelligence of what you do.

May 4, 2011

holls @ 4:09 pm #

trust me, im from the north and there are many rednecks here, and it doesn’t mean your stupid!!

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