Are there rednecks in the UK? If so, what are they called (besides Euro-trash)?


What I am asking is, what are the poor white-trash people called in the UK? What would be the name for the UK equivalent of Americans who drive pick-up trucks, listen to country music and watch NASCAR and wrestling on TV. If you are a redneck, please don’t answer this question with a defensive reply.
To give a better example.

Consider the band Motorhead. They look and sound just like an American Southern redneck band except they are British. What would people that listen to Motorhead be called in the UK.

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April 30, 2011

Leif B @ 8:38 pm #


Jonathan Freeloader @ 9:31 pm #

yes, they have low class whites in english, like the cockneys.

illuminata91 @ 10:09 pm #

I’m not sure what they’re called there (you might have a better chance of getting an answer if you post this on the Yahoo Answers UK & Ireland site), but I doubt they’re like American rednecks (with the NASCAR and country music, I mean)….

torskie @ 10:17 pm #

I think they call ‘em Scots.

tonelia b @ 11:05 pm #

um excuse me that is horrible im a redneck listen to country what u gonna do about it f..u..c..k..i..n..g.. a..s..s..h..o.l..e.. very afended

leanne711 @ 11:25 pm #

COCKNEYS?? nothing wrong with em!!

rednecks in uk – Gippo’s /Gypsys Hillbillies Pikeys scum

pretty much anything trashy

aussieblond75 @ 11:30 pm #

there is no equivalent of Americans who drive pick-up trucks, listen to country music and watch NASCAR and wrestling on TV. ….lmao

May 1, 2011

Fat Lady @ 12:29 am #

I am going to educate you as to what a red-neck is. Red-necks are not trash. The proverbial red neck of the red-neck comes from working hard in the hot sun. Red-necks are hardworking people, perhaps not as well educated as some and thus not office workers. Red-necks are farmers and ranchers. The cream of society, they raise the meat and vegetables that you eat. Trash sits around and lets other people support it. Red-necks don’t sit around, they are out getting things done. That is all I have to say.

sammydog_uk @ 12:58 am #

I think they’d be defined as Chav’s – or scallys, or scrots, or scum, or inbreds! Well that’s what I call them! I like the term “white-trash” though and use that quite a lot! Have a look at this link & see if they’re the same kinda people!!

ally_oop_64 @ 1:41 am #

HA HA HA HA HA HA!! This question is too funny. I cant stop laughing.

lilac wine @ 2:36 am #

well… they’re not quite the same. it’s the sort of, just below working class, and they’re called chavs, or pikeys or rudes.

If you have ever seen a program called ‘Little Britain’ there is a character called Vicky Pollard who sums this up. Since she has been invented, the media has used her to describe anyone like this. ‘Fear of Vicky Pollards in nursery schools as easy way out’ etc. Note the pulled up dyed hair, into a tight scrunchie (the croydon facelift). the gold earrings, and the tracksuit, these are very ‘chav’.

janice h @ 3:08 am #

You are insulting everyone who drive pick-ups,listen to country music and watch NASCAR. I drive a pick-up, and listen to country music don’t do NASCAR or wrestling. I have a 6 figure income, a paid-off home and two vehicles (an o4 and 05)both of which are also paid-off. Are you trying to find your family so you can claim part of the inheritance?

Matt D @ 4:02 am #

They are called Chavs or Pikeys they are different from rednecks but I think what unites them is a mis-trust of intellect and intellectual people

Tinkerbelle @ 4:50 am #

They are called= BRIT-NECKS

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